Factions (part 1)

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  1. Orc faction led by the Great Chief Kujagur.
  2. Human faction in Azura (First word of name).
  3. This faction provided the generals for the armies of Duraz Karag (Last word of name).
  4. Human faction in elgea with racial standings of 0 across the board (First word of name).
  5. This faction supported the Blood Thorn Queen in the Great Elven Rebellion (Last word of name).
  6. This faction rules the centre (First word of name).
  7. Orc faction in Ursor and Qarosslan (Second word of name).
  8. Rumour has it that the blue skinned members of this faction are descendants of Elves.
  9. Clad in rough furs and daubed in warpaint made from the blood of their foes, these brutal warriors are low on armour, devoid of discipline, but utterly ferocious (Name of the faction that is home to a unit with this description).
  10. Members of this monstrous faction have blood red eyes and stand about 12 feet tall.
  11. This faction developed the techniques that fed Duraz Karag (Last word of name).
  12. Human faction in Keppen (First word of name).


  1. This faction has no known hubs and has standings of -80 with all races.
  2. Giant spider faction.
  3. This faction are the last remnants of the great Orc uprising of 986, who survived the great defeat, retreated to the mountains, and there rebuilt their forces (Both words of name without spaces).
  4. Monstrous faction with two hubs in Kal Tirikan (All words of name joined together).
  5. Orc faction in Ursor and Qarosslan (First word of name).
  6. Human faction in Kal Tirikan that has a two word name (Second word of name).
  7. BL faction with only one unit - Warrior Chief (All words joined together).
  8. Human faction in Azura (Second word of name).
  9. How many in the circle? (Last word of name).
  10. This faction of mixed races is based in Windlost and has only one hub (Second word of name).
  11. Members of this clan are few in number, but they are exceptional craftsmen and engineers. Should they feel obliged to fight, they do not have enough people to field a conventional army, but they can craft these giants of brass and iron, great clockwork warriors to fight for them (Last word in name).
  12. Elven faction in Glanhad.
  13. Human faction in kumala.
  14. To quote this faction "Sheath your weapons, and run out to hug your enemies and make them your friends".
  15. In the hey day of Duraz Karag, four out of the six members of the Dwarven Grand Council were from this faction (Last word of name).
  16. Human faction in Zanpur.

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