Illyriad Crossword #1

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12        3         
  4              5  6
    89      10   
12              13   
15  16                       


  1. Lovely yellow flower with a red center.
  2. Although these have been known to live with other races they are also happy to eat their hosts.
  3. Somewhere between red-brown and black-brown in colour this mineral currently has no known uses.
  4. Weaker of the spear units to make a recent appearance in Illyriad.
  5. Have you got these in your loft?
  6. Natural Infantry unit has an attack of 46, movement speed of 16 and gives 5 experience when killed.
  7. What the Sillar warriors do with their enemies.
  8. About the size of a house cat, very fluffy with big dark eyes.
  9. Hunting of these is can only be done in Elgea.
  10. Junior Arakvar


  1. The leaves of this tree are used in making different types of specialist armour.
  2. Worth fighting for apparently.
  3. The most powerful kind of Cobra
  4. The cobras that aren't
  5. The Adolescents and Elders of these monstrous creatures share a similar red colouring while the Adults are yellow.
  6. Bone Crushers are a type of what NPC?
  7. These were the pets of a dev
  8. There are three different kinds of these lizards found in Illyriad.
  9. 'Every adult is expected to carry a spear...'
  10. Green, Yellow, Dark Spotted and Giant are all types of this creature.

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